I am now working by
Appointment only in
Houston TX.

New site @

Coming soon!

The Abyss is Now offering
Custom made T-Shirts in limited runs.

each shirt comes with CD demo FREE!
Click here for more info.


Call 714-981-6661 or
email me for appointment Info @ seanozz@worldofozz.com

New website and photos coming soon. until then see new works at!

Check out Team Nemo for all your RC paintz needs.

Now painting MX and all other Cycle and Automotive.

Tattoo Machine Section
See past machines i have produced in small runs.
For the professional artist only

New design has been put on hold due to time constraints.

Don't forget to visit the interactive Tattoo forums. Although intended for the professional artist, anyone with the love of tattoos can join in and ask a tattooist an approriate question to do with tattooing.
please note that my email address has been changed from ozz@worldofozz.com to seanozz@worldofozz.com
Starving Artist Donations.

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