Sean "Ozz" Oliver is an up and coming tattoo artist who specializes in custom organic and comic styled work, though he is more than qualified to handle anything requested of him... Ozz has worked with many talented artists in the past. His career started back in Houston, Texas, with  Mentor John Stuckey (40 years under the buzz) at Custom Design. Since then Ozz has found his way out to California where he has worked with many fine artists such as the likes of Dean Deakyne owner of Sick and Twisted Productions. OZZ currently is doing guest spots and conventions all over the United States, Check out the on the Conventions link to see if Ozz will be near you anytime soon. Ozz's home base is Huntington Beach, CA. . OZZ is now working by appointment only, so give him a call and let him help you to get that custom tattoo you've been thinking about. Leave a voice mail message at: (714) 981-6661.

I am now in-between Studios. I have been spending the winter Traveling to conventions as well as doing guest spots all over the U.S. I am still working on my preexisting clients out in California when I am home. So if you have something done by me and you are looking to get more or finish what we have started then feel free to call me at 714-981-6661 and we will set up a time to work on the piece. If you are in Southern California or are coming to southern California and want to acquire something custom by me feel free to call or E-mail as well and I will do my best to try and accomplish what your looking for.
If you are looking for large scale work I suggest contacting me at least a few weeks prior to when you would like to begin. This gives me time to create an original piece for you without anything being rushed, remember this is forever and time is on our side. You may e-mail me at for more information on anything from your ideas to what the best way to get your process started will be. A deposit is Required to set an appointment, but it is applied toward your tattoo once you begin. Please contact me if you have any questions that I can help clear up.

Sean "Ozz" Oliver

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